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Furever home!

July 16, 2010

Finally we have arrived at our furever home! 

Today started like any other… but soon we realised it was that special day… that we were about to become big boys and leave the kitten nest for good.

At 10:10 this morning our hooma and hoopa arrived to collect us.  After much chat about how to look after us and lots of signing of special paperwork, we were placed in our carriers and meowed our last goodbye to Kelly.

To begin with hooma sat between us but we soon convinced her to move us next to one another with our very special MEOWs.  We started quietly and then gradually increased the volume until hooma gave in.  Once we could see each other we meowed less loudly… but didn’t stop meowing for another 45 minutes!

Eventually Nevada settled down and fell asleep… but I, Noodles, decided to continue to meow, the only thing that could calm me was a fuss.  Hooma was silly enough to open the top of my carrier and tickle my tummy and I was a good boy to begin with.

I purred and rolled around really enjoying the attention and then I realised that I could stand up and look out of my carrier.  Hooma soon pushed me back in, but I had tasted freedom and wanted out! I increased the level of my meows again and, like every good hooma should, she stuck her hand in again for another fuss… I quickly pushed my head out and was almost out when she managed to push me back in again.  After, several meow, fuss, push back ins… hooma sadly became more wise and stopped fussing me through the top and only fussed be through the bars.  This resulted in me having several paddies, which just made by hooparents laugh!

Meanwhile, I Nevada, slept like a good kitten should… that was until Noodles woke me with another paddy… but hooma soon settled me with lots of nice tummy rubs.  I didn’t try to get out of my carrier so I got to have lots of attention.

After days on the road (four and a half hours) we arrived at our furever home and our hooparents carried us into our new living area.  Noodles ran straight out of his carrier, but I wasn’t so sure.  I eventually came out and then ran to the furthest corner away from my hooparents and managed to squeeze myself behind the tumble dryer.

Meanwhile, I Noodles struted my stuff and climbed up my cat tree and checked every corner before jumping onto my hooma’s lap for some love. 

Hoopa soon pulled the tumble dryer out and sat behind it with me and gave me lots of love and encouragement.  Eventually I moved out to my litter tray and sat in there instead.  For some reason my hoopa wanted to get me out of there too so he sat on the floor and chatted to me until I came out for a fuss.

Hooma showed Noodles around pointing out where our toys and food were.  Noodles tried to convince me to join him by meowing to me about it all.  I almost joined him a couple of time but I was too shy and kept running back to my litter and hoopa.

Hooma came to join us and sat on the floor with him and Noodles and I climbed onto hoopa’s lap and started to fall asleep.  Hooma didn’t think this was such a good idea and carried me to the cat tree.  She showed me where there was a bed which was much more comfortable than the litter tray and Noodles joined me where we are now sleeping very happily together.

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