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Vets and getting to high places…

July 18, 2010

Yesterday we visited the vets with our hooparents.  The car journey was cool and we didn’t make any fuss, even when hoopa went round the roundabout making us slip to the side of our carriers!

The receptionist, nurses and vets all came to see us and said that they had looked us up on the internet… can you believe we is the first Snowshoe cats they have ever seen!!

Nevada was given some drops for his eye and the vet showed our hooparents how to drop the stuff in.  They chatted with the vet about something to do with ‘having us done’… we are not sure what this was all about but we think it is something to do with us becoming big cats.

When we got back home, hooma clipped our claws, for some reason she had decided that little red dots on her legs were not at all fashionable!  Noodles was as good as gold and sat very still for his clipping, however, I Nevada, wriggled as it was good fun to see if she could hold me and clip at the same time.  She couldn’t! In the end she had to ask hoopa to hold me while she clipped… he he he, I still wriggled though!

We love our new home and are having so much fun, every time a door is opened we like to run and look in.  Noodles says he likes to help with the house chores and so far has helped with the washing… by climbing in with the washing (hoopa was watching him carefully and pulled him out) and watching it go round and round and round and round… helping with the tumble drying by climbing in and helping push out the clothes ready for folding…. helping with cleaning out the litter tray by jumping in the open bin while hooma squeals ‘not in the poo!’

We love climbing! We adore our cat tree and like to chase each other around it… Nevada has learnt how to get into the window and onto the units in the laundry room by jumping on the litter bin, onto the radiator and then up onto the unit!  We have also learnt that if we climb onto our hooparent’s shoulders we can jump off onto the kitchen work surfaces.  Hooparents decided we should have a walk around while they could watch us and getting up there isn’t quite so fascinating now… we will have to think up another climbing adventure!

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  1. July 29, 2010 15:27

    those are amazing pictures, i absolutely adore cats!

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