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Walkies & new climber…

July 30, 2010

Hooma has again tried to get us into our walking jackets… these little jacket/harnesses are intended to restrain us so we can go outside for adventures.  However, we no likey them!  The first time brave Noodles had his jacket on he rolled around like a crazy cat, so hooma took it off very quickly.  I was much calmer and ran around the room (doing a bit of a horse trot with my paws making exaggerated movements).

The second attempt proved to be worse than the first, with hoopa and hooma in fits of laughter at me as I lost complete use of my legs and dragged myself around the room with my belly touching the floor.  Really, my legs would not work, why is that so funny!  As soon as hooma took off the jacket my legs were able to function again, it was a miracle!

Noodles didn’t fare much better and again made it very clear that he didn’t want to wear his jacket no matter how cool he was told he looked!  Noodles’ legs didn’t work either, but he rolled around like he was possessed, hooparents didn’t think this was funny and let him out of his jacket much quicker than they did me.  I think I may try Noodles’s technique next time!

Today, hooma had a day off work with us and we have been keeping her company while she updates her website with tales of her adventures in their last holiday. 

A great big parcel arrived this morning and we helped hooma open it and found that they had bought us another cat tree!  This one is not as big as our ‘every day’ tree, it’s about a third of its size.

We carefully helped hooma put it together, telling her where all the bits needed to go and jumped around excitedly to let her know that we were impressed with her DIY skills.

It didn’t take her long to complete it and we gave it our seal of approval by chasing each other around it, which seemed to impress hooma!

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  1. purrxlots permalink
    July 30, 2010 12:18

    My anipals gathered around to see your new climber and they loved it.
    Love your new walking jackets and my little doggy Tinker acts just like you did when I put her harness on her. Doesn’t like it one bit.
    You’re both so cute and everyone here sends purrs & hugs.

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