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Gooey eyes and sneezing…

August 1, 2010

I, Noodles, have been doing the odd sneeze since we joined our hooparents two weeks ago.  Hooparents didn’t know this was something to worry about as they had us checked out by the vet the day after we were brought home.

Nevada has been treated for conjunctivitis since visiting the vet and he had some drops which seemed to have cleared it up nicely.  But then I sneezed green snot onto hooma and on Thursday Nevada sneezed a couple of times!

Finally, on Friday, it dawned on our hooparents that this was not normal and they took us to see the vet…

I was first out of my carrier and the vet showed me a glass stick toy, which looked like fun until she stuck it up my bum, it made me squirm, a very strange game!  The vet said I had a normal temperature which was a good thing and confirmed that we had a minor respiratory infection.

I was then held very tightly by my hooma and the vet stuck a sharp thing in my back, I was so shocked I didn’t move.  I was told I was a really good boy… it stung and I licked my back to try to make it feel better.

Next it was Nevada’s turn and he had the same sharp thing stuck in him while hoopa held him.  The vet told our hooparents that they needed to give us half a tablet twice a day for the next five days, something to do with our aunty biotics (but we don’t know who she is).

Back home and Nevada’s eye infection has transferred to his good eye and his bad eye is better!   The vet told our hooparents that the tablets would make his eyes better too, so we are not too worried.

Our hooparents tried to give us our tablet in a bit of chicken… but even at 19 weeks old we is too bright to fall for that one.  So they made into powder and put it into our meat and gravy!  We love our meat and we ate it all, we were told we were very good boys… keep giving us yummy meat and we will stay good boys… during meal times at least anyway!

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  1. purrxlots permalink
    August 2, 2010 03:48

    Hope that both of you will be feeling better real soon.
    We love our vet. very much but my anipals are never very
    happy to have to visit his office.

  2. August 2, 2010 06:06

    OMC! That bad! But we think this happens more often in kittens. We had same when we had you age. We luv u boz very much.

    Your Purrime Ministerettes from 10!


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