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Football, visitors and testing times…

August 10, 2010

Noodles has decided to take his love of football a step closer to the television, he appeared to really enjoy watching Man Utd beat Chelsea… whilst I am still a Baseball fan, preferring to remain on the sofa for my viewing.

Yesterday we had visitors, our hooaunty and hoocousin.  It was the first time that we had met them… our hooaunty was lovely, Noodles took a particular shine to her and spent lots of time in her arms and on her lap being cuddled and kissed.  I was slightly more reserved… I put this down to the fact that my 8-year-old hoocousin followed me around and tried to pick me up every five minutes.  She was quite gentle, but I’m the kind of cat that likes to have cuddles when I feel like it, not necessarily when a hooman wants to!

We  put on a good show for our visitors… we ran around very fast jumping on and off the sofas pushing off the cushions onto the floor.  We played the jumping into the play bag game, hooma holds the bag at about waist height and Noodles runs fast leaping into the bag.  This game made our visitors laugh and our hoocousin wanted to hold the bag for us.  Hooma told her to hold the bag tightly… but when Noodles jumped into it she let it go, fortunately, the bag didn’t have too far to fall so it didn’t hurt him, tut, hookids!

Our hooma put us in our jackets for our daily leg failing session.  This made our visitors laugh.. they tried very hard to hide their sniggers but we could still tell.  I was told that I was a star… every day I’m getting better at walking in it.  Noodles is improving too, he walks across the room for treats wobbling as he goes!

Our hooparents took the visitors out for lunch to give us a break from our hoocousin and we had a few hours of sleep before they came back.  Noodles had more love and cuddles and I avoided hoocousin as best I could!  We enjoyed their visit and slept really well after they left.

And to finish today’s blog… we have been testing our hooparents by seeing how far we can push them!  Noodles likes to run along the back of the flat screen television and threatens to chew the cables… we both like to lie in the window and chew the blinds… Noodles likes to play with the radio aerial and decided it would work much better a lot shorter… all in all we just love hearing our hooparents say nooooooooo!

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  1. August 11, 2010 19:22

    OMC! You has big TV for giant hoomans!

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