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Water, walkies and wriggling…

August 14, 2010

Oh my cat, we have been up to so much since our last blog!

Nevada and I have found that we love sofa surfing… if you are not aware of this game read on… it involves running at speed towards the sofa leaping on to it and diving under the cushions.  We wriggle around on the sofa, some times fighting but mostly bunny kicking until we kick all the cushions onto the floor.  Once all the cushions are on the floor we dive off the sofa onto them and ask hooma to put them back so we can start the game all over again!

We also enjoy mat skating… first you need to tip up your water bowl… one of your hooparents will start to clean it up, while they are doing this, you put your front paws on the food mat and you push it around the room while you move your back legs.  Another method is to run at rocket speed, jump in the air and land on the mat resulting in you skidding across the kitchen floor… cool!

Helping hooma with her work is fun… she especially likes it when we sit in front of her monitor and walk across the keyboard, this almost guarantees a cuddle!  Not sure she was that impressed when I jumped onto the new work printer though… I snapped the feeder tray off!

Sadly, we have been suckered into wearing our jackets and with treats we can now walk, run and of course flop to one side and pretend our legs have stopped working ;o)  Hooma has done some video… no laughing though!




We love to sit in the utility room sink and lick the water from around the plug hole… today hooma turned on the tap and I surprised her by putting my head under the tap… I loved it and enjoyed drinking the running water!

It has not all been fun fun fun though… we had to go back to the vets again last night.  Our respiratory infection isn’t completely better so we have some more aunty biotics and eye drops for my watery eyes.  We can’t wait to see how hooparents fare when they try to give us our tablets… they can’t hide these ones in our food!  Just off the sharpen our teeth and claws….

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  1. Hubo the cat permalink
    August 15, 2010 19:06

    Uh oh you two are a handful, but (MOL) real cats. Real cats like mischief hee hee. Have fun.

  2. purrxlots permalink
    August 18, 2010 13:28

    You two are so cute. I know all of those fun things that you love to do so much. I have 4 kitty anipals in the house and they can always find something to get into. Then there is our little anipal Tinker who is only 5 1/2 pounds and loves to get involved with whatever they’re doing. Never a dull moment here and we love every minute of it.
    Will be looking forward to your next blog.

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