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Tunnel diving…

August 22, 2010

We love tunnels… they are great toys, terrific exercise tools and super places to hang out.  If you don’t have a tunnel then you are really missing out!

Here is our guide to tunnels and the fun you can have with them…

This tunnel has only one entrance and you can’t run through it…

That might make you think that it is not such a good tunnel… but think again!  We love to run at speed towards it… leap into it and make it skid across the floor, more often than not, straight into our water bowl!

We like it when hooma picks it up and holds it off the ground, in what our hooparents call one of our ‘mad moments’, we run around the room ending with a big leap, flying through the air to land in the tunnel, ta-dah!

Our second tunnel is our ‘hooma’s working’ tunnel.  This one is kept upstairs and we get to play with it when hooma is working from home.  It is not a very long tunnel but it makes a great crinkle sound.

We like to take our toys into this tunnel and hide them from one another.

Hooma likes this tunnel because the crinkle sound lets her know where we are and that we are not chewing any wires under her desk!

Our ‘pink’ tunnel has four holes in it, one each end and two in the top of it.  It also has two red balls hanging inside it, which to hoopa’s surprise, we haven’t chewed off!  This tunnel lives in our hooparents living room and we play in it while they are watching the television.

This tunnel rolls onto its side and we both like to sit inside it and use the holes in the top as peek-a-boo holes.  When hooma waggles our string and rope toys we use the tunnel as a hiding place, ready to spring out as the toy goes past the hole.

Finally, our newest tunnel arrived on Friday and we love it, love it, love it!  It has three tunnels running into the middle with one hole in the top at the centre.  This is a ‘diving’ tunnel and we like to imagine we are diving for moles!  Check out our video…

So what are you waiting for… demand that your hooparents get you a tunnel now!

5 Comments leave one →
  1. August 22, 2010 16:06

    We luv tunnels! We has red one!

    All kitties wizzout tunnel: claim tunnel NOW!

    Must we make this PM policy?

  2. August 22, 2010 16:27

    Just started following you on Twitter and checked out your blog! Love it 🙂 My cats love tunnels too…and cubes…and boxes…

    Check out my blog too!

    Angie =^^=

  3. August 23, 2010 00:52

    Tunnels look like a whole bunch of fun! Too funny! I am not sure our fuzzy crew would be into the tunnels. Maybe if they were way up high off a cat tree – they’d get into that!

    Keep having fun with those!

  4. purrxlots permalink
    August 24, 2010 02:49

    My anipals really liked the tunnel that you were playing in on the video. They have cubes that are connected and they run in and out of them all day. We have a tiny doggy that even likes to put her toys in them. Both of you are so cute. We enjoy reading about your adventures.

  5. June 7, 2011 01:19

    I somehow happened upon your blog today and am enamored with the kitties. They are beautiful.

    This post spoke to me because my snowshoe, Stretch, loves his cube (I should try getting him a tunnel because I think he’d love it too). Check out this video I posted on youtube of him playing hide & seek in his cube.

    Stretch also LOVES to chew my computer cords too. That used to drive me crazy, and make me poor, until I started using CritterCord. Check it out if you haven’t already.

    Oh and the water thing…Stretch loves his 360 Drinkwell water fountain which mimics a running tap so now he doesn’t bug me when I do dishes, brush my teeth…etc.

    I never knew the joys of owning a snowshow kitty until now. It’ s like living with a forever 2-year old.

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