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Joe and Jazz

The story of Joe & Jazz the Rescue Cats

Our hoomans adopted Joe & Jazz from Cats Protection, they had been at the rescue centre for more than a year after being abandoned by their owners.  They were given to Cat Protection because their owners thought they would find moving house too stressful… yes you read that right… they thought it was better to abandon them!

Jazz was a ginger tabby…

And her brother Joe was ginger & white

They were approximately 8 years old when our hoomans adopted them.  Both Jazz & Joe were very nervous cats.  Originally, my hoomans had planned to let them outside, but neither of them showed any willingness to leave the house.  So they became house cats, I guess having spent so long at the rescue centre had made them nervous of going out into large open spaces.

Jazz & Joe spent three happy years with our hoomans, before Joe took suddenly ill.  Our hoomans rushed him to the vets and left him there to receive treatment expecting that he would soon be back home.  They were shocked when later that evening they received a call from the vets saying that Joe had died.  The Vet said that it was very likely his heart and that he had probably had a heart condition all his life, hence, his nervousness.

Our hoomans adopted Sumo (see his page for more on him) to keep Jazz company.  Jazz and Sumo lived together for two years before Jazz took ill, she had always been a slightly portly cat and when she started to lose weight our hoomans knew something was wrong.

Jazz had a thyroid problem, so she had her gland removed.  She was OK for a while when she started having problems with her kidneys.  She had tablets for a while, until she got so ill that she could hardly stand on her own.  She would get very distressed when she couldn’t get to her litter tray… and hoomans knew it was time to say goodbye.

Both Joe & Jazz were special little cats that deserved better than being abandoned in the prime of their lives. Our hoomans gave them a loving home to live out the remainder of their years.


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  1. August 2, 2010 06:07

    They iz bootiful!!!

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