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No more tablets (for now)…

September 15, 2010

You will know, if you are a regular reader of our blog, that we have had some trouble with snotty noses and runny eyes. Last week we finished our third course of antibiotics and our hooparents got really good at giving us tablets (with all that experience they could hardly have gotten worse).

They had gotten so good that we needed to find new techniques to try to stop them from getting those tablets down our throats. These involved us having jelly legs so they couldn’t keep our heads up and sticking our tongues up in the air to make our throat hole as small as possible! Our best one was our super pill-popper plan…

The story starts with us having learnt to jump up onto the kitchen units. Our hooparents had five months of happiness at us not being confident enough to jump up onto the kitchen work surfaces, when Nevada realised he could easily jump up there, I quickly followed his example and we now get up on the surfaces whenever we want and especially when our hooparents don’t want! Once we had learnt this our hooparents had to move all our treats, medications etc into cupboards so we couldn’t get to them.

That first night, after hooma had moved the stuff, our hooparents got all the torture gear ready for us to receive our tablets… but hooma couldn’t find our pill-popper (apparently this device is essential in ensuring the tablets shoot to the back of our throats)… hoopa accused hooma of putting it away somewhere and forgetting where. They looked in all the cupboards and drawers but could not find it. Then hooma looked at us and said ‘have you hidden the pill-popper?’ Hoopa laughed, as if we could… they both laughed and continued looking. Finally, the only possible solution was that we had stolen it, so they started looking in our beds until hoopa shouted ‘You’ll never believe this, it’s pushed under and to the back of the fridge!’

So OK, we did take it from the side and yes, we did play with it… but do you really think that we could be cunning enough to hide it? … you decide!


Blog Snowshoe Paws…

September 11, 2010

Anipal Photo Hunt Blog Hop #5

This week’s Anipal Photo Hunt Blog Hop is about Blog Paws an Anipal event in Denver in the good ole US of A… as that is much further away than the end of our garden we are doing a blog about our blog!

We are pretty new to blogging (this is not surprising as we are only 5 and half months old!)  We are always up to something and we have a long list of funny stories, that once we stop running around (as us young-uns are prone to do), we will get them added to our blog.

So how is it that cats can blog?  …such a silly question… with a computer of course!  We have a notebook which our hooparents bought for us to do our blogging with…

The Anipal Photo Hunt… our bed(s)

September 6, 2010

We are joining the Anipal Photo Hunt… here is our pictures of our favourite sleeping place…

This is our cat tower… it is a super great place for a play, a scratch and most importantly a sleep!

Please note our ‘mobile’… we have enjoyed pulling this apart when we have had a mega stretch!

We love to chase each other around the tower and ‘fight’ for the best spot, which is the bed looking out the window.  We like to watch the birds in the garden from this spot!

The cave is our favourite spot when we are hiding from the evil Hoover…

You just don’t know when it might try to suck one of us up into its tummy!

We like to hide our toys in here too… they often end up being eaten by the Hoover so we know they are safer here.

Noodles likes to think he is king of the ‘castle’… but really that’s not the best spot… unless you are in the mood for playing with the mobile that is!

It is a good vantage point for watching our hooparents prepare their meals from and we race each other down the tower to get to any bits that may make their way onto the floor…

Nevada likes to play in the tube but it’s not a great place to sleep… it’s way too draughty!

So that brings us back to the window spot… we like to sleep in here together… but we are getting bigger which means it won’t be long before one of us has to sleep elsewhere!!!

‘The’ Operation…

August 26, 2010

Our hooparents were late coming down to us yesterday morning… they usually come down and give us our breakfast at 5.30… but they didn’t come down until 8.00… we should have known then that something was up!

We quickly noticed that hooma had our carriers… before we knew what had hit us, we were scoped up, cuddled, kissed and placed in them.  Hooma helped hoopa place us in the car and then she waved to us as hoopa drove off… this was our first trip in the car without hooma and we meowed our loudest meows all the way to the vets.

Yes, …the vets, we have got to know this place quite well over the last month so we knew exactly where we were when we pulled into the car park.  Hoopa took us in and handed us over to a nurse and then he left.  HOOOOPAAA!  We didn’t know what was going on!  The nurse was very nice to us and gave us a cuddle and an injection… 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4…..

Then we woke up with the feeling that something was missing… the nurse told us to take it easy as we would be wobbly… but within an hour we were meowing and demanding to be let out… feed us… feed us… feed us!!!! NOW!!!  We were given some really bland food, we were so hungry (gosh, we hadn’t eaten for 15 hours!) that we could have quite happily eaten some cardboard (which is what it tasted like!)

We were then kept in the ‘kennels’ until the afternoon when our hooparents were allowed to collect us.  We heard the nurse explain that everything had gone ok and that we wouldn’t need to come back unless there was swelling or signs of infection.  She told them that we would be sleepy and would no doubt go straight to sleep when we were home.  We were so happy to see our hooparents we purred so much!

We were loaded into the car again and soon we were home, being let out, back in our comfy pad.  We ran out of the carriers and demanded that we have some food… unfortunately the nurse had given our parents some more of that cardboard food… beggars can’t be choosers though… so we happily ate it.

Ok then, we were supposed to rest… rest… rest… REST!  We are super speedy happy Snowshoe kittens, we don’t need to rest!  We spent the next 5 hours running around, sofa surfing, tunnel diving, television paw padding and fighting over our Kong caterpillars…

This morning, when hoopa came down to give us breakfast at 5.30, we mobbed him and demanded lots of cuddles.  We slept most of the day while hooma worked (with the occasional cuddle) and we are still resting now.

As to what’s missing… we still haven’t worked that one out… we just know something is different…

Tunnel diving…

August 22, 2010

We love tunnels… they are great toys, terrific exercise tools and super places to hang out.  If you don’t have a tunnel then you are really missing out!

Here is our guide to tunnels and the fun you can have with them…

This tunnel has only one entrance and you can’t run through it…

That might make you think that it is not such a good tunnel… but think again!  We love to run at speed towards it… leap into it and make it skid across the floor, more often than not, straight into our water bowl!

We like it when hooma picks it up and holds it off the ground, in what our hooparents call one of our ‘mad moments’, we run around the room ending with a big leap, flying through the air to land in the tunnel, ta-dah!

Our second tunnel is our ‘hooma’s working’ tunnel.  This one is kept upstairs and we get to play with it when hooma is working from home.  It is not a very long tunnel but it makes a great crinkle sound.

We like to take our toys into this tunnel and hide them from one another.

Hooma likes this tunnel because the crinkle sound lets her know where we are and that we are not chewing any wires under her desk!

Our ‘pink’ tunnel has four holes in it, one each end and two in the top of it.  It also has two red balls hanging inside it, which to hoopa’s surprise, we haven’t chewed off!  This tunnel lives in our hooparents living room and we play in it while they are watching the television.

This tunnel rolls onto its side and we both like to sit inside it and use the holes in the top as peek-a-boo holes.  When hooma waggles our string and rope toys we use the tunnel as a hiding place, ready to spring out as the toy goes past the hole.

Finally, our newest tunnel arrived on Friday and we love it, love it, love it!  It has three tunnels running into the middle with one hole in the top at the centre.  This is a ‘diving’ tunnel and we like to imagine we are diving for moles!  Check out our video…

So what are you waiting for… demand that your hooparents get you a tunnel now!

Water, walkies and wriggling…

August 14, 2010

Oh my cat, we have been up to so much since our last blog!

Nevada and I have found that we love sofa surfing… if you are not aware of this game read on… it involves running at speed towards the sofa leaping on to it and diving under the cushions.  We wriggle around on the sofa, some times fighting but mostly bunny kicking until we kick all the cushions onto the floor.  Once all the cushions are on the floor we dive off the sofa onto them and ask hooma to put them back so we can start the game all over again!

We also enjoy mat skating… first you need to tip up your water bowl… one of your hooparents will start to clean it up, while they are doing this, you put your front paws on the food mat and you push it around the room while you move your back legs.  Another method is to run at rocket speed, jump in the air and land on the mat resulting in you skidding across the kitchen floor… cool!

Helping hooma with her work is fun… she especially likes it when we sit in front of her monitor and walk across the keyboard, this almost guarantees a cuddle!  Not sure she was that impressed when I jumped onto the new work printer though… I snapped the feeder tray off!

Sadly, we have been suckered into wearing our jackets and with treats we can now walk, run and of course flop to one side and pretend our legs have stopped working ;o)  Hooma has done some video… no laughing though!




We love to sit in the utility room sink and lick the water from around the plug hole… today hooma turned on the tap and I surprised her by putting my head under the tap… I loved it and enjoyed drinking the running water!

It has not all been fun fun fun though… we had to go back to the vets again last night.  Our respiratory infection isn’t completely better so we have some more aunty biotics and eye drops for my watery eyes.  We can’t wait to see how hooparents fare when they try to give us our tablets… they can’t hide these ones in our food!  Just off the sharpen our teeth and claws….

Football, visitors and testing times…

August 10, 2010

Noodles has decided to take his love of football a step closer to the television, he appeared to really enjoy watching Man Utd beat Chelsea… whilst I am still a Baseball fan, preferring to remain on the sofa for my viewing.

Yesterday we had visitors, our hooaunty and hoocousin.  It was the first time that we had met them… our hooaunty was lovely, Noodles took a particular shine to her and spent lots of time in her arms and on her lap being cuddled and kissed.  I was slightly more reserved… I put this down to the fact that my 8-year-old hoocousin followed me around and tried to pick me up every five minutes.  She was quite gentle, but I’m the kind of cat that likes to have cuddles when I feel like it, not necessarily when a hooman wants to!

We  put on a good show for our visitors… we ran around very fast jumping on and off the sofas pushing off the cushions onto the floor.  We played the jumping into the play bag game, hooma holds the bag at about waist height and Noodles runs fast leaping into the bag.  This game made our visitors laugh and our hoocousin wanted to hold the bag for us.  Hooma told her to hold the bag tightly… but when Noodles jumped into it she let it go, fortunately, the bag didn’t have too far to fall so it didn’t hurt him, tut, hookids!

Our hooma put us in our jackets for our daily leg failing session.  This made our visitors laugh.. they tried very hard to hide their sniggers but we could still tell.  I was told that I was a star… every day I’m getting better at walking in it.  Noodles is improving too, he walks across the room for treats wobbling as he goes!

Our hooparents took the visitors out for lunch to give us a break from our hoocousin and we had a few hours of sleep before they came back.  Noodles had more love and cuddles and I avoided hoocousin as best I could!  We enjoyed their visit and slept really well after they left.

And to finish today’s blog… we have been testing our hooparents by seeing how far we can push them!  Noodles likes to run along the back of the flat screen television and threatens to chew the cables… we both like to lie in the window and chew the blinds… Noodles likes to play with the radio aerial and decided it would work much better a lot shorter… all in all we just love hearing our hooparents say nooooooooo!