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A Cat Called Sumo

Sumo was adopted by my hoomans 5 years ago.  They already had Jazz and they were concerned that she would become lonely.  Jazz was a house cat so when her brother died our hoomans wanted a cat that would be happy not going outside, they approached Cats Protection and they found a large black & white cat that had been with Cats Protection for more than a year and a half.

Sumo had been found by a vets, he was a stray, the vets took him to Cats Protection where he stayed until my hoomans came to adopt him.

Sumo was brought home where he learned to tolerate Jazz, they never fought, but they never really got on that well either!  Sumo was taken to the vet for a check up where they found he had really bad teeth from all the bad foods he had eaten whilst being a stray.  Our hoomans paid to have the bad ones taken out and then had him insured!

Sumo was a very special cat, he loved to be cuddled by his hooma and would go all floppy when she picked him up.  He would sit by the sofa and wait to be invited to jump up and then he would curl up on his hooma or hoopa’s lap and stay there all night.  When it came time for bed he would go floppy and would not move and would have to be picked up to get him off their laps.

Sumo loved to play with his toys and he would tap them to tell his hooma that it was time to play.  He loved to chase string across the wooden floor and his hoopa’s arm would grow tired of playing long before Sumo did!

Sumo would follow his hooma around the house and would sit with her when she worked from home.  He would rub against her computer and then settle by her side for the day.

In October of 2008, our hoomans found that he had another bad tooth so he was taken to the vet for an operation to remove it.  A couple of days after, he started to have breathing problems.  To begin with the vets were convinced it was asthma… but our hoomans couldn’t believe it was that.

Sumo was given an inhaler, but he was getting worse.  He had another serious attack and he went into the oxygen tent… and recovered again.  After our hoomans made a fuss, the vets referred him to a heart & lung specialist, where they found he had a heart condition.

Sumo was put onto diuretic tablets to stop the fluid from building up around his heart and moving into his lungs.  He was also given anti-clotting tablets.  The vet said he had about six months to live…

Sumo lived another eight months quite happily, occasionally he would have a slight set back.. but he was able to live a normal life.  The diuretic started to cause damage to his kidneys, but without it he would drown… so the vets started him on tablets to help his kidneys…

He carried on living quite happily, playing as much as he always had, until March 2010, when he took a dramatic turn for the worse.

He lost lots of weight and was very weak… hooman can’t write any more…

He was a fantastic cat the best there will ever be, a friend, a companion, an entertainer…

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  1. August 2, 2010 06:08

    OMC! RIP!

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